This page is a summary of the pages written in french and not translated into english .

You can thank Florence for pushing me into the job of writing this page.It gives links to french pages.
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Since two years we are doing the main part of our job in millimetric microwaves .
It is taking more and more place in our experiments. Very few amateurs use those frequencies above 10GHz. It requires special parts :miniature waveguides ,miniature diodes etc...and special test equipment . We did not know if radio-astronomy at amateur level was possible or if it was just a dream. On the web we have found lots of litterature particularly on the web site of Iram. We bought lots of waveguides ,diodes and test equipment on EBay
We have built diode mixers , preamplifiers with mmics Mar or Mga ,small horns ,diplexers and even our wr12 and wr 10 waveguides by electro-forming.
We have lots of test equipment.

And finally we had a great succes : reception of sun on 24Ghz and 40Ghz and on summer 2007 on 94 ghz.

If you need more information , just email us ...

This page shows the 150Mhz sun activity.It is a good illustation of of the possibilities of this 150 mhz radio-telescope.

Lots of people ask us how to start with simple things ,we built this simple receiver with a parabola ,a lnb ,a satfinder and a voltmeter . I can be used 'in the field' with batteries. It works well enough ,we could measure the solar eclipse on 3/10/2005.